Reagent Ph drops

Product Description



The Water pH Testing Kit containing 10 mL of Reagent Drops, pH Color Chart and Clear Plastic Container is an easy and convenient way to measure pH of your water. The high quality red reagent is extra strong and requires just 1-2 drops per 5 mL (a teaspoon) of water where different contending treatments need 5-10 drops for the same amount of water. Made inside South Korea.

Attention: Don’t drink water with reagent!


  • 10 mL of extra strong red reagent liquid in easy to see through clear bottle.
  • pH color chart measuring pH levels from 4.0 to 10.0.
  • Clear transparent container with lid for spill-proof storage.
  • Just add 1-2 drops of reagent to 5 ml (a teaspoon) of water.
  • Made in Korea
Reagent Ph drops - Testing alkalinity drops