Cell Safe Anti-Scale Hard Water Filter

Product Description


Cell Safe (™) is an inline filter that helps eliminate scale build up. It is very easy to conceal and does not require a canister/housing. This composite pre-filter not only prevents scaling, but it actually eliminates scale build-up, thereby improving the health and longevity of your Ionizer.



 Scale Inhibition and Removal
This Anti-scale filter is best suited for protecting your alkaline water ionizer from the ravages of hard water. The formation of scale on surfaces in potable water systems is due to the crystallization of carbonates or sulfates of magnesium or calcium from solution. Very low levels of polyphosphates (1-10 ppm) interfere with crystal growth. This type of scale inhibition is referred to as a threshold property because it occurs at a level much lower than would be required for a stoichiometric reaction.

Threshold inhibition by polyphosphates of calcium and magnesium carbonate formation is particularly effective at a pH range of 8-10 where carbonate scale in potable water is a major problem. Calcium sulfate scale is often a problem at lower pH ranges. The same mechanism of scale inhibition that can occur with calcium carbonate at a high pH range can also occur with calcium sulfate at a lower pH range at similar low (1-10 ppm) levels of phosphate addition.

Experience has shown that polyphosphates not only inhibit scale formation, but they can also help remove existing hard deposited carbonate or sulfate scale. Pipelines carrying potable water treated with polyphosphate for extended periods of time (several months) first show a gradual softening of the scale followed by disintegration and removal. The soft scale particles are deflocculated by the polyphosphate and carried away resulting in a clean piping system.


Cell Safe Anti-Scale Hard Water Filter -  Upgraded 20% More Media!
CAD 119.95