Ionized Acidic Water Benefits

Benefits of Using Ionized Acidic Water



 These are the most common benefits of using ionized acidic water reported by water ionizer owners. This will help you explain to others the benefits of owning a Tyent water ionizer capable of producing quality ionized acidic water.



Elimination of “athlete’s foot” 

Elimination of “jock itch” 

Relief from and elimination of heat rash 

Relief from and elimination of diaper rash 

Relief from discomfort of sunburn 

Relief from eczema flare-ups 

Reduced or eliminated problems with bleeding gums 

Mouth ulcers – relieves pain, speeds healing, reduces incidents 

Stops bleeding of small cuts and scrapes 

Reduced or eliminated acne 

Relieves pain of burns, reduces healing time of the burned area 

Relief from nasal congestion 

Relief from eye irritation 

Improved health and texture of gums 

Reduced healing time for eye infections 

Better absorption of skin moisturizers 

Softer, more manageable hair 

Relief from stinging, itching, swelling of insect bites and stings 

Bedsores – relief, reduced healing time, reduced occurrence 

Reduced swelling, bleeding and discomfort of hemorrhoids 

Fever blisters – relief from discomfort, reduced healing time 




Improved skin tone and texture 

Reduced healing time/reduced risk of infection when used to wash/treat wounds, cuts or burns 

Extended freshness of stored produce 

Improved flavor, color, texture when used to steam vegetables 

Improved texture and consistency when used to cook pasta and rice 

Improved texture and consistency when used to cook legumes 

Chemical-free cleaning of floors and surfaces 

Reduces/removes buildup in juicers and food processors 

Reduces/removes pathogens from surface of raw meats and produce 

Removes residue from counter tops and other smooth surfaces 

Excellent for cleaning brushes and combs 

Prevents bacteria buildup and odor on toothbrushes. 

Effective rinse for baby bottles/sippy cups – removes traces of detergent residue and germs/bacteria 

Sanitizes baby pacifiers, caps and nipples for baby bottles