Ionized Alkaline Water Benefits


 Benefits of Using Ionized Alkaline Water 

These are the most common benefits of using ionized alkaline water reported by water ionizer owners. This will help you explain to others the benefits of owning a Tyent water ionizer capable of producing quality ionized alkaline water.





Increased mental and physical energy 

Increased mental and physical stamina 

Weight loss 

Diabetic dependence on insulin reduced or eliminated 

Dependence on prescription medication to regulate blood sugar reduced or eliminated 

Dependence on prescription medication to regulate cholesterol levels reduced or eliminated 

Reduced recovery time after physical exertion (exercise, manual labor) 

Problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep reduced or eliminated 

Asthma flare-ups reduced in frequency and severity 

Improved quality of sleep – waking up feeling better rested, waking up easier 

Increased resistance to colds, flu and viruses 

Milder symptoms and shorter recovery time from colds, flu and viruses 

Improved digestion 

Reduced or eliminated symptoms associated with some forms of acid reflux 




Reduced or eliminated bone and joint pain 

Improved skin tone and texture 

Relief from constipation 

Reduced frequency, duration and/or severity of migraine headaches 

Reduced frequency, duration and/or severity of non-migraine headaches 

Season allergy flare-ups reduced in severity with some mild allergy sufferers reporting they no longer experience seasonal allergy symptoms. 

Elimination of food cravings 

Men – improved flow during urination 

Enhanced effectiveness of nutritional supplements 

Aspirin products used for pain relief work faster, more effectively 

Emotional high and low mood swings reduced or eliminated 

Reduced or relieved symptoms resulting from Multiple Sclerosis 

Reduced acidity in the body 

Reduction of toxins in the body 

Edema reduced or eliminated 

Improved ability to handle stress